Guys, my order was delivered yesterday. Thank you so much for making the extra effort getting it to me during such a busy time for your business.


I just wanted to take a minute and send you a quick note. And thank you for making such a great product. I have been using your product for years and never and a problem with any of them. Please keep up the great work. 
If you ever have XL Tee Shirts please let me know, I would love to get one and show my support.


♥I own a fabrication shop and used to be a professional brewer, so I understand the mechanics and science behind it. For the price and quality you guys have it's not even worth me building it myself. I am just beginning in home distilling, do you think this would be a good set up for me?


☻ Wow you guys are excellent, thumbs up on your commitment to customer service. Do you have a column extension kit for sale for the high reflux model? I don't remember seeing one on your site.

 - WS

♦ I got the 2" Pot Still column kit from you guys just before Christmas, and I got it all put together and running this weekend. It's awesome!! Started it with a small 10 gallon run and within 1.5 hours I've got a gallon of 160 proof. 

- MS

♠ Thank you again, i am constantly amazed at how well this still works, i never distilled anything until i got it and it runs by itself at temp. What would work for insulation of the keg?

- JW

♥ This thing was a work of art. Incredibly fast ship time!

- MW

Got my Nixon stone column today. Well done Sven and company! A work of art! Thank you Andy

AuthorSvend Larsson
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Ethanol fuel producers:

Small alcohol fuel plants are encouraged in order to help relieve the burden on our fuel supply and on the environment. Getting a licence from the TTB (Tax & Trade Bureau) is not difficult, and only takes about a month. There are also tax breaks for every gallon of fuel you produce. With a permit for a "small" fuel plant, you can produce up to 10,000 gallons a year. The permit is free.
Washington State also encourages ethanol fuel production. It does not require a state permit. You only need the federal permit. Our stills will work very well for ethanol fuel production. A large boiler will be necessary for producing large amounts of fuel.
One could use a stainless steel 55 gallon drum, or something even larger.

RCW 66.12.130
Alcohol for use as fuel in motor vehicles, farm implements, machines, etc., or in combination with other petroleum products for use as fuel.
Nothing in this title shall apply to or prevent the sale, importation, purchase, production, or blending of alcohol used solely for fuel to be used in motor vehicles, farm implements, and machines or implements of husbandry or in combination with gasoline or other petroleum products for use as such fuel. Manufacturers and distillers of such alcohol fuel are not required to obtain a license under this title. Alcohol which is produced for use as fuel shall be denatured in accordance with a formula approved by the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms prior to the removal of the alcohol from the premises as described in the approved federal permit application: PROVIDED, That alcohol which is being transferred between plants involved in the distillation or manufacture of alcohol fuel need not be denatured if it is transferred in accordance with federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms regulation 27 C.F.R. 19.996 as existing on July 26, 1981. The exemptions from the state liquor control laws provided by this section only apply to distillers and manufacturers of alcohol to be used solely for fuel as long as the manufacturers and distillers are the holders of an appropriate permit issued under federal law.

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