Guys, my order was delivered yesterday. Thank you so much for making the extra effort getting it to me during such a busy time for your business.


I just wanted to take a minute and send you a quick note. And thank you for making such a great product. I have been using your product for years and never and a problem with any of them. Please keep up the great work. 
If you ever have XL Tee Shirts please let me know, I would love to get one and show my support.


♥I own a fabrication shop and used to be a professional brewer, so I understand the mechanics and science behind it. For the price and quality you guys have it's not even worth me building it myself. I am just beginning in home distilling, do you think this would be a good set up for me?


☻ Wow you guys are excellent, thumbs up on your commitment to customer service. Do you have a column extension kit for sale for the high reflux model? I don't remember seeing one on your site.

 - WS

♦ I got the 2" Pot Still column kit from you guys just before Christmas, and I got it all put together and running this weekend. It's awesome!! Started it with a small 10 gallon run and within 1.5 hours I've got a gallon of 160 proof. 

- MS

♠ Thank you again, i am constantly amazed at how well this still works, i never distilled anything until i got it and it runs by itself at temp. What would work for insulation of the keg?

- JW

♥ This thing was a work of art. Incredibly fast ship time!

- MW

Got my Nixon stone column today. Well done Sven and company! A work of art! Thank you Andy

AuthorSvend Larsson