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Moonshine Still Plans

Moonshine has been around for a long time and there are many types of stills today as the designs have evolved over time. It started with a simple pot still that has 4 components: the fire, the pot, the condenser and something to collect it in. Oh, let’s not forget the mash. Today we have a multitude of designs including reflux and fractionating columns, flute columns and many variations of those. If your build is simple or complex, we can help you get the right parts for your project. We will soon have plans to build a moonshine still available. In the meantime, we have DIY kits for several different stills. All the parts are precut and ready for assembly. They include everything you need except for a boiler. Most folks that are starting out want to do it cheaply, so they use a beer keg or another easy to find vessel that can be used as a boiler.

Learn How to Build a Moonshine Still

We will soon have online videos that will show you how to build a moonshine still using readily available parts. If you are unsure of what kind of still you want to make, contact us and we will help you out the best we can.

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