OLYMPIC 150 Gallon (600L) still - 8" column

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OLYMPIC 150 Gallon (600L) still - 8" column

from 16,950.00

High Quality equipment at rock bottom prices!

Financing available. Apply for Olympic Distillers Financing

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Choose from electric oil bath or steam jacketed boiler. Electric boiler includes agitator available in single or 3 phase wiring. Comes complete with CIP system, electric heaters & controller. 

Column diameter is 8 inches. Available with 4 plate or 6 plate column. List price is for 4 plate column.

4 plates are best for making whiskey, brandy or rum.

Proof changes & flavor profile manipulation can be accomplished with the column plate drains. 

USA Installations available on request.

We have expert consultants ready to help you plan your distillery and for after sales support.

Contact us if you are interested in this still or if you need references.

1/2 Payment due when equipment is ordered.
1/2 Payment plus shipping due when equipment is ready to ship.

Delivery in 12-14 weeks.

Worldwide shipping

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