2 Inch Liquid Management Herbal Oil Still on 13 gallon Bain Marie Style Boiler


Instead of using poisonous butane to make concentrates, herb oils and alternative medicines, you can use this still to make your own alcohol. The alcohol can then be used to make your concentrates & green medicine. This unit will also recover the alcohol for reuse, dramatically cutting production costs.

This still will also make any type of drinking alcohol.

Perfected over the years, this modern, compact distillation unit will put out 2-3 gallons per hour on a stripping run and 1-2 gallons per hour when running for higher proof. It has a flow rate that puts much larger stills to shame. Yes that’s right, a 2″ still that can produce 2-3 gallons per hour!

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This unit will produce up to 94% ethanol and can also be run as a pot still. Proof output varies from 90 – 185 depending on how you run the still. For flavored spirits, run this still without the included packing. For high proof, pack the column and insulate it.

Contact us if you have any questions on how to make concentrates with this still.

Purchase includes:

13 gallon jacketed boiler

240V electric heater

Liquid management 2” copper column w/cooling hoses

3” concentrate stripping column w/screened gaskets sold separately.

Currently shipping in 2-3 weeks.

Weight 200 lbs