2″ Liquid Management Reflux Still Column


Perfected over the years, this modern, compact distillation unit will put out 2-3 gallons per hour on a stripping run and 1-2 gallons per hour when running for higher proof. It has a flow rate that puts much larger stills to shame. Yes that’s right, a 2″ still that can produce up to 2-3 gallons per hour! Scroll down to watch video.

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Made with heavy duty type L copper pipe.

We do not use cheap, thin walled Drain Waste Vent (DWV) pipe on our stills.

This reflux still will produce up to 94% ethanol and can also be run as a pot still. Proof output varies from 90 – 185 depending on how you run the still. For flavored spirits, run this still without the included packing. For high proof, pack the column and insulate it.

The operating principles of this unit are simple. Vapor rises through the packing until it passes through the top of the separator. At this point it hits the coil condenser and is transformed into a liquid. It then falls into the collection cup where it can be recycled back to the column for increased purity, or it can be released through the product cooler and collected as a final product. Product release rate can be controlled with the needle valve above the product cooler. The unit can be operated without the needle valve for fastest operation when doing a stripping run. The product cooler is fully adjustable and can be set up at any angle you like.

*Kettle sold separately


Liquid Management Still – Stripping Run

Liquid Management Still – Spirit Run (185 proof)
Weight 17 lbs