200L Stainless Steel Essential Oil Still with 100L Offset Boiling Tank


Well built & beautiful to behold, this premium quality, multipurpose boiling kettle can be used for essential oil steam distillation, distilling, mashing, fermentation and many other uses. The 24″  opening on top makes it great for loading and unloading large quantities of plant material. The lid has a 4″ and 2″” ferrule which can be used to attach a still column and as a filler neck or thermometer port. Run faster & knock down the hot vapors more efficiently with the shotgun condenser. The still comes with a 4″ head, thermometer & garden hose connections for cooling. Also comes with a full size plant material basket with lifting handle.


The 100L kettle has a 2″ fitting near the bottom for an electric heating element. Mirror polished inside & out. Can be used with gas or electric heat. The use of a gas burner will require a stand for the boiling tank.

Comes with screened false bottom to keep your fragile herbs above the heat source. The included drain valve with screened sieve tube allows only liquid to pass through the valve when draining the kettle.

This unit can be purchased with or without the 220V 4500w electric heater & controller or with a propane burner. You will need to make a stand for the boiler to use the propane burner.

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No Heater, With propane burner, With 220V heater