4″ Copper Flute on 13 Gallon Bain Marie Style Boiler


Distill in style with our 13 gallon Bain Marie flute still.

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The 4” all copper flute column rests on top of the beautiful copper lined Bain Marie style jacketed boiler. The column comes fully equipped with 3 digital thermometers that read temperature at the still head, dephlegmator and product condenser. the sight glasses at the bubble plates allow for viewing of the distillation process.

This unit is a scaled down version of what distilleries use and provides unsurpassed gentle heating. It comes with a steel-clad sight tube so you can see the oil level in the jacket, as well as a pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, thermometer and drain. The insulated jacket accepts canola oil or mineral oil and should be filled only halfway, to leave room for expansion. The boiler can be heated with our 240V electric heater.

Weight 180 lbs