50L Stainless Steel Essential Oil Still with 30L Offset Boiling Tank


Designed for maximizing oil production with a small boiler, our 13 gallon steam distillation still holds up to 50L of plant material. The separate boiling vessel holds 30L of water and uses a high quality gas burner or 110V electric heater for quick heat up times and excellent boil control. The independent boiler design works well with even the most stubborn plants. Comes with 3” Pot still head as shown in pictures.


The 13 gallon boiler includes a false bottom, sieve tube and extra ports for a thermometer if the kettle is used for making mash. It can also be used independently for steam or alcohol distillation.

Designed for distilling & brewing, the copper & stainless steel beauty of a gas burner puts out 72,000 BTU’s! It will reduce your heat up times and you will have full control of your still. Able to support up to 250 lbs, its solid construction allows it to be used to heat a wide variety of stills. The included needle valve allows for fine control of the heat output. The kettle platform is adjustable and can be set to fit most small stills.

If you are interested in a larger scale system, contact us for details.

  • Propane tank not included

Weight N/A

gas kettle – no burner, with gas kettle & gas burner, with premium kettle & no heater, with premium kettle & 110V electric heat, with premium kettle & gas heat