53 gallon (200L) Jacketed Flute Still – 6″ Copper Column


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Available with 6″ all copper or column.

The 53 gallon jacketed 6″ flute still comes with (2) 240V single element heaters. Heating elements are 4500w each. Electrical equipment can be ordered to work with the electrical requirements of any country. The boiler is a jacketed Bain Marie style oil bath boiler with 12″ access opening.

The Bain Marie still comes with a 6″ column and viewing windows that allow you to view the condensing as it happens. This column includes 4 copper bubble plate sections. This allows the unit to produce a wide range of products.

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Includes shotgun condenser, dephlegmator and a built in proofing parrot. All modular sections are easily disassembled for cleaning.

The 3 digital thermometers shown allow you to monitor temperature at the dephlegmator, still head & product condenser simultaneously. Due to the wide variety of plugs and wiring choices, the heater controller does not include power supply cord. This unit can be hardwired or wired with a plug in by a qualified electrician.

This still is suitable for making whiskey, rum, brandy & also gin/vodka if you are running neutral grain spirits.

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