Beer Keg Whiskey Still – 3/4″ Piping – Copper Parts Only


A proven traditional still design made with modern equipment. This setup uses our 2″ pot still along with our beer keg thumper attachment. All piping is 3/4 inch. Stainless steel kegs or kettles will retain heat much better than copper pots, causing the still to run faster and be much more stable during operation.

Made with heavy gauge type L copper pipe.

Currently shipping in 2-3 weeks.

We do not use cheap, thin walled Drain Waste Vent (DWV) pipe on our stills.


This still is capable of producing 170 proof at a rate of 2 gallons per hour. No modifications to your beer kegs are necessary to use this kit. It comes with the necessary clamps & gaskets.

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This still comes with everything you see in the photos except the kegs. The liebig condenser can be attached directly to the still head and used as a stand alone pot still for stripping runs. No worm condenser is necessary.

Garden hose attachments clamps, gaskets & digital thermometer included.

Parts come soldered and polished. No soldering required

Kit can be purchased with digital or dial thermometer. Our new thermoport allows you to use the digital or dial thermometer without any modifications. Choose thermometer below.

Weight N/A

Digital Thermometer, Dial Thermometer