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The still pictured is of one of our 200 gallon Olympic Whiskey Stills. This still comes standard with our 10″ 4 plate Bubble Plate Column. This column will produce up to 160 proof.  This 200 Gallon Whiskey Still can be heated with a low pressure steam boiler (110 pph), or by a self contained electric jacketed oil bath heating system.  This still is great for producing: Whiskey, Bourbon, Moonshine and Brandy. Proof changes & flavor profile manipulation can be accomplished with the column plate drains.

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1. capacity: 800L steam jacketed or electric oil bath

2. Structure: Dished top & bottom

3. Material: All stainless steel 304

5. Thickness of inner shell=4 mm, Jacket=4mm, cladding=2mm.

6. Accessories: Agitator,  power: 1.5kw/60 rpm, 60HZ,  single or 3 phase. glass manway, temperature gauge, safety valve,  pressure gauge,  reflux inlet

4 plate distillation column

1. Material: copper

2. Thickness=3mm

3. Inner diameter: 304mm, height of body: 1000mm

4. 4 plates; each plate with copper bubble caps and one CIP spray ball, each tray with liquid discharge valve.


1. Material: stainless steel 304

2. Structure: tube type heat exchanger

3. Thickness: 3mm, Inner diameter: 304mm, height: 480mm


1. Material: stainless steel 304

2. Structure: tube type heat exchanger

3. Thickness: 3 mm, diameter: 304mm, height of body: 1000mm

Parrot: stainless steel 304

Pump:1.5kw 220v, 60HZ single or 3 phase

Comes complete with CIP System.

Any size boiler available up to 600 gallons

Add gin basket: $1800

USA Installations available on request.

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4 Plates – no gin basket