Reflux Still 2 Piece Column


This unit is a 2 inch compound reflux still, cooling management design. It is a 2 piece column and includes a copper cap for the thermoport as opposed to the silicone bung on the 1 piece columns. The 2 piece column allows for easier cleaning and also the ability to use the top section as a pot still for faster stripping runs. A sight glass can be used for flavor infusions or just for viewing the reflux action as it takes place. A sight glass will also increase the length of the column by about 8 inches.


Cooling water flow is split between two condensers and is fully controllable with the two included valves. This gives the user complete control of the still. Adjustments must be made slowly to maintain equilibrium in the column. Other similar stills out there are not true cooling management stills as they dont come with the necessary high quality valves and hoses for full control of the still.

Made with heavy duty type L copper pipe.

We do not use cheap, thin walled Drain Waste Vent (DWV) pipe on our stills.

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This unit is the workhorse of our line of distillers. It has very few parts and is able to distill high proof alcohol quickly. Well built and durable, this still should last many generations.

This still will run up to 2 gallons per hour as a pot still (120-140 proof) and 1-1.5 gallons per hour when run as a reflux column (150-180 proof). To run as a pot still disconnect the bottom section of pipe and run cooling water only to the leibig condenser.

Column is 34 inches in length. Made from 2″  type L copper pipe. This unit is designed for making ethanol fuel or distilled spirits of up to 90% purity.

If you purchase the Cooling Management Column, you will receive:

1. 34″ Mirror polished distiller column & condenser

2. heat resistant cooling hoses

3. garden hose attachments

4. water flow control kit with brass flow control valve,

5. 2″ stainless steel tri-clamp, tri-clamp gasket and o-ring

6. 1/2 lb of copper mesh packing

7. digital or dial thermometer

*Kettle not included.

To purchase a boiler for this column click here.

Weight N/A

Digital Thermometer, Dial Thermometer