Whiskey Alembic Still 40 L – with free gas burner


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Includes free gas burner – valued at $89.95

Our Copper Whiskey Stills are suitable for distilling all types of spirits but especially corn, grain, and sour mash whiskies. What differentiates this traditional whiskey still from other models, is the onion head, and the long conical column and inclined lyne arm. Its unique design allows for a reflux process to be possible, and the distillate is strengthened and purified on its first run. If you are looking for authenticity and great value, quality and taste from your mashes, or if you are a fan of whiskey in general and would like to have a try at making your own, then this is the equipment for you.

Many sizes available from very small to very large. Contact us for a custom order.

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Weight 102 lbs