Traditional Appalachian Moonshine Stills

Traditional Appalachian Moonshine Still, 10-30 gallon Burner Style
from 749.95

Super High Quality Traditional Style Propane Heated Still

15 gallon still has 4.2 gallon Thumper & 4.7 Gallon Worm Bucket

10 gallon still has 3 gallon thumper & 4.7 gallon worm bucket

Compare this premium still to our competitors similar stills. This is the highest quality traditional style moonshine still on the market. You will find many other stills out there that look similar, but this one is 100% TIG welded, made from heavy duty copper and will hold up to years of use and abuse. The bottom will not burn out like similar soldered joint pots.

All of our Copper is Certified C110 Revere and made in the USA.

Built with HEAVY gauge copper - NOT ROOFING COPPER

If you are looking for the highest quality Traditional Still on the market, you have found it here.

Images are representative of product, each item is handmade and handcrafted and may have minor variances.

Boiler: .040" boiler bottom .032" boiler sides and cone Tig welded, bottom and sides and cone seam silver soldered to boiler .032" head 1" lyne arm, gallon capacity is measured to the bottom of the cone.

Thumper: .040" bottom and top .032" sides all tig welded, pipes soldered in 2" fill port

Worm: 1/2" x 10 feet. Bypassable thumper design. Thermometer, clamps, gaskets, caps and 1/2" drain valve in boiler included. 

The cone fits tightly and can be sealed with teflon tape.

To purchase the electric heater & controller for this still, click here.

This item is built to order and is currently shipping in 8-10 weeks due to high demand.

220V Electric heating system sold separately.

This item ships to USA addresses only. Due to the high quality materials used in construction, they are heavy and are not cheap to ship. If you live in Washington state and want to use local pickup, shipping charges still apply. This item is not made in Washington State.


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